Shipping conditions & Others


  1. Ship Internationally except certain countries. Refund will be execute if not ship to the shipping address provided by buyer. 
  2. You can choose to insure or not to insure base on personal preference. Ship at buyer risk if it is not insure. However, we do not face the shipping risks without insure for past few years for shipping thousands items as freelance seller. We use track and sign shipping to avoid unnecessary and accidental.
  3. The items you purchase might not be in same certificate of original/grading slab number as show in the webpage since we have more than 1 pieces in stock.
  4. We can send the photo of the item before payment if necessary. Therefore, no refund and return of items after purchasing.    

Announce coming events

The #2 "Temple of Heaven Panda" Pre Order will close soon. Act Fast if you yet to do soon. Email me at to order 

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